About Us

Welcome to B & L Books Family owned and operated since 1987.
We sell new and used paperback fiction books and give credit on the books our customers trade in.
At B & L Books our customers are not just a name or number, but a face with smiles and tears.
People with families and careers that over the years we have gotten to know quite well.
People we recognize when we are out in the community.

Your Reading History
We learn what your reading preferences are, and our inventory control program keeps track of what you have read.
It also alerts us if you are repurchasing a book you have already read.

Our books are always on sale
New books are discounted 15% off the retail price
Used books are discounted 40% off the retail price
If you have credit for books you traded in, save an additional 30% on used books for a total savings of 70% off the retail price.
Earn up to 20% of the retail price in credit for books traded in.

Our Staff Is Here for You
We are always anxious to help, and recommend books you will enjoy.
We carry the Sunshine State books and required reading books for local middle and high schools.
Check our School Reading Lists page. New books are discounted 15% 

We know that reading is one of the most popular and inexpensive forms of entertainment.
Reading novels is the perfect way to step out of the pressures of everyday life without leaving the comfort of your home.

Special Orders
While we may specialize in paperback fiction, our resources enable us to order almost anything
that is available in print to fulfill your reading needs. Best of all, you save money on almost every book in the store.