Special/School Orders

Special orders are books not normally carried in the store or 10 or more copies of the same title.

Individual Book

Individual books are discounted 15% on regular discounted books from our provider.
Credit may not be used on special order books.
A deposit may be required before ordering.

Special Orders will be included with next scheduled order with vendor.

You will receive an e-mail when the book arrives.

Group Orders*

Discounts for multiple same book orders are as follows:

❖ 10-25 copies 21% plus $2.50 shipping & handling

❖ 26-50 copies 22% plus $5.00 shipping & handling

❖ 51-75 copies 23% plus $7.50 shipping & handling

❖ 76-100 copies 24% plus $10.00 shipping & handling

❖ 101 plus copies 25% (shipping & handling to be determined by quantity)

A deposit of 50% of the order will be required before ordering. Balance due when picked up.

You will receive an e-mail when the books arrive. Books must be picked up within 5 business days or books will be returned and deposit will be forfeited.

*School Orders

We are always willing to work with schools and extend the same or better discounts as above.  There is no charge for shipping, we will deliver the books, and payment can be extended 30 days.