The "Reader's Edge"

What Is The Reader's Edge?

The opportunity to enjoy the advantages of the new and used book store in one.

At B & L Books, we specialize in popular paperback novels.
We are here for the discriminate reader looking for quality paperbacks at greatly reduced prices.
B & L is where you can trade your quality paperbacks and audio CD's for even more value. Where you can find today's new paperbacks at discount prices, as well as special order paperbacks, hardcovers, and audio CD's.

We carry local middle and high school reading list books, the Sunshine State Reading List for grades K thru eight,
along with Florida Teens Read books.

Dedicated to serving your needs and expectations, our books are conveniently arranged by category and
alphabetically by author for you to browse in your area of interest at leisure.
If you are looking for a specific book, we can put our computer system to work for you to help you find authors, titles,
or "keywords" to locate the book you are looking for.
We can also tell you what books you have missed by authors you like to read.

We can Reserve books for you that are not presently in stock, plus we have a Rental Program which enables you to
"borrow" from us, for a small fee, new hardcover books which are not available in paperback.
Our staff is knowledgeable and eager to answer your questions about authors and the books they have written,
plus recommend similar authors and titles to continually fulfill your reading pleasure.